With over 12 years of experience, Gesto Health & Technology (GST) is a national company pioneering the development of solutions to help companies efficiently manage their employees’ health while at the same time achieving cost reductions with a better management of the use of health plans and the Accident Prevention Factor (FAP). The company was born 12 years ago as a start-up through a partnership between the founding partners – the doctor Bento de Toledo Rodovalho and the engineer Fabiana Salles. After being incubated by the Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology (Cietec), it won important accounts and continued to grow exponentially. Recently the company received investments from DGF. Today, its flagship product, Smart Gesto business intelligence software, offers tools for integrated management of health plans, medical certificates, occupational hazards, and health promotion programs. Promoting quality of life for employees and improving the financial health of the company is what GST proposes to its clients, which include companies such as Hospital Oswaldo Cruz, HP and Suzano.


Founders: Bento de Toledo Rodovalho e Fabiana Salles

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gesto-corretora/

Website: https://gesto.com.br

Foundation: 2002

Co-investors: Endeavor Catalyst, DGF Investimentos

Headquarters: São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Sector: HealthTech

Fund: RPeV 2