Repassa is an e-commerce of second hand clothes. It is the most economical way to renovate the wardrobe. You ask for a “good bag” where you put all the pieces that you no longer use (70% of the clothes in a wardrobe have not been used in the last 12 months). Repassa removes the bag and does all the work of curating, photography, advertising and selling the clothes.

The sales revenue is divided 60% for the clothing owner and 40% for Repassa. Clothing that can not be sold is donated to needy communities, which in many cases up-cycle. Already consumers can find pieces of the best brands with up to 90% OFF and has a certificate of quality and authenticity of parts, free return and guaranteed delivery.


Founders: Tadeu Almeida



Foundation: 2014

Co-investors: Wharton Alumni Angels

Headquarters: São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Sector: Retail

Fund: RPeV 2