Sami offers a solution based on technology for health. Its focus is making health care simpler, more efficient and friendlier. Its goal is to reorganize the space with simplified solutions, having the patient at the center of the care to reduce costs.

Health care costs have grown 15% a year over the past 5 years and will continue to grow rapidly if the health care model is not changed.

The company is co-founded by two experienced entrepreneurs in the business, one already has one company sold (“exit”) and the other has a very successful long-term care hospital. We have known one of them for many years and he has a very deep and comprehensive network in the health system.


Founders: Guilherme Berardo e Vitor Asseituno



Foundation: 2018

Co-investors: N/A

Headquarters: São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Sector: HealthTech

Fund: RPeV 2